Jessica Olsen
We are all the sum of our experiences. I translate into art what I cannot express in spoken language. My joys, struggles, and times of peace are some of the delicate balances in my life that I communicate through the creation of my art. I want to share with others how I see the world through my understandings, shaped by my life experiences, questions and aspirations; bring significance to the insignificant through my creations.

As relationships grow, our understanding of one another becomes deeper. Struggles bring us closer and make the connections stronger. Just as my relationships with those around me have grown, so has my relationship with art. I strive for my work to make an impression on the viewer, to invoke a reaction or a new direction of thought.

Begin the process of making art I look forward to that moment when my artistic works are going to be experienced and possibly understood by others. As I grow, experience, and mature, my art reflects those paths. I want to give others the opportunity to understand, appreciate and see the world that is art.

- Jessica Olsen